Well, we could simply call it a personal food and beverage carrier. Or we could call it your personal lunch date with your customers. We could also call it a new twist on an old idea. Remember reading the cereal box as a kid?


OnTray Media® puts your brand in their hands and on their minds.

Our products are constructed out of a 100% biodegradable stone-based compound. These products can be put in landfills where they’ll safely degrade over the course of a year, or they can be broken down within 24 hours through a proprietary process. The stone compound, Smith Paper®, can be manipulated to mimic the thickness and durability of plastic or slimmed down to replace paper without compromising an ounce of quality. Both our stone alternative to paper and stone alternative to plastic are water resistant, tree free and can hold 4-color process printing. Imagine sitting down at your local fast food joint to eat. Instead of the typical plastic forks, knives and spoons, you’re using stone flatware. Instead of the typical plastic tray with PAPER tray liner, you’re using stone food trays. We’re essentially removing all non-biodegradable waste from the food services industry.

No other medium offers such a unique, hard-working, cost-effective way to reach your target and no other medium offers the kind of rich exposure as OnTray Media® — on average 8-20 minutes.

OnTray Media® is truly a unique hybrid media that provides the branding and awareness building benefits of billboards as well as the targeting benefit of direct response with the redemption and measurement of FSI’s.

Already in use in a number of stadiums, food venues and movie theatres, OnTray Media® delivers.


…and OnTray Media® founder Dwight Smith happened upon the idea for OnTray Media® one afternoon at the local cineplex. Juggling his popcorn and drink, once in his seat, he dumped the popcorn. All of it. So, on his way back to the concession stand for another bag, it hit him: “Create a high-quality carrier for movie concessions.”

Dwight developed the idea and identified three critical market needs:

  • the consumer’s need for a sturdier, easier to handle food tray
  • the food service industry’s need for a cost-effective alternative to existing food carriers
  • a marketer’s need for quality, captivating advertising opportunities

These 3 market needs accompanied with Dwight’s own mission to reduce the environmental impact of the paper and plastics industries, inspired him to create his own proprietary blend of stone-based paper called Smith Paper®. The ability to hold 4-color process printing accompanied with the fact that Smith Paper® is 100% biodegradable, water proof and tree free, solidifies Dwight’s own passion and commitment to his brand.

And so the groundwork has been laid for an innovative, out-of-home new media channel that literally puts a brand “In Their Hands and on Their Minds.”

Saving our environment one tray at a time…